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Ophthalmology Sub - Combined Internship


VCU Health Department of Ophthalmology Combined IM/Ophthalmology Internship

The VCU Health Department of Ophthalmology is excited to announce that we are now providing a combined ophthalmology internship in collaboration with VCU Health Department of Internal Medicine. This integrated training will include 12 weeks of ophthalmology training during the intern year (PGY-1). Individuals that match to our program will be required to complete their internship training at VCU Health.



The Ophthalmology / Internal Medicine Integrated Curriculum will offer many benefits including:

  • A curriculum co-created by the Program Directors of both Internal Medicine & Ophthalmology, with rotations based on the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC): Section 1- Update on General Medicine; which aim to provide a background in medicine as it will apply to a career in ophthalmology.
  • Attaining familiarity and integrating with our health system and culture.
    • Working with your future referring physicians, for example.
  • Development of knowledge and skills that will facilitate a rapid transition into your ophthalmology residency program.

The Co-Advisory System

  • Residents will receive the benefit of having Co-Directors from both Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology. This collaboration will benefit the resident in obtaining constant feedback and direction from both the Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine teams.
  • The Ophthalmology Program Director is an integral part of Medicine’s Clinical Competency Committee
  • The benefits of “Belonging” to two programs include
    • Social Activities
    • Recruiting
    • Committees | Memberships
    • Co-created curriculums

The Curriculum

Internal Medicine Conference Series will be held on Tuesdays from 12-3pm.

This includes:

  • Core Medicine & Specialties (2 hours weekly)
  • The last hour rotates each week and will cover of one of the following topics:
    • Wellness/Resilience
    • Quality & Safety
    • House Staff Meeting
    • Scholarship Conference

Ambulatory Morning Report on Elective / Ambulatory Blocks

  • Time: 7:30 – 8:00 AM (2-3 times per month on Mon, Wed, Fri)

Common ambulatory topics are presented by residents with a focus on:

  • Evidence Based Medicine management
  • Physical exam skills
  • Workup
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Physiology

In patient Morning Report

Journal Evidence Based Medicine Curriculum

Sample Rotation Schedule

A tandem block schedule was uniquely designed to optimize the balance between training in the inpatient and ambulatory setting. Residents find that this helps optimize their work life balance.

8 Week Block Sample

  • Supports wellness
  • Minimizes fatigue


In Patient* 2 WEEKS

Elective/Ambulatory 2 WEEKS

In Patient* 2 WEEKS

Elective /Ambulatory 2 WEEKS

*In Patient weeks will be with the same service.


Each block is a 4-week rotation at VAMC & VCU

General Medicine Wards | 2 blocks | VAMC / VCU

Cardiology | 1 block | VCU

Hematology Oncology | 1 block | VCU

Intensive Care Unit | 1 block | VAMC

Night Float | 1.5 blocks | VAMC / VCU

Emergency Medicine | 1 block | VCU

VAMC Rheumatology (AMB) | 0.5 block | VAMC

VAMC Endocrine (2-week vacation) | 1 block | VAMC

Geriatrics/Medicine consults | 1 block | VCU

OPHTHO (1-week vacation) | 3 blocks | VCU

During the Ophthalmology blocks, all ophthalmology interns will have a 4-week rotation whose curriculum will be based on the AAO BCSC Section 2- Fundamentals of Ophthalmology and Practical Ophthalmology: A Manual for Beginning Residents.

  • Lectures
  • Examination and Refraction Workshops
  • Wet Labs

Residents will also spend 4 individual 2-week rotations in Ophthalmology where they will participate in direct patient care.

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Hospital Consult Service